Looking to buy a home and need a pre-approval letter?

The 1st step in the home-buying process should always be to get your financing set up before looking at homes or making offers.

By getting a mortgage pre-approval, it lets your Realtor know you are a legitimate, serious buyer. Additionally, submitting your pre-approval letter with your offer to a seller is an absolute must! You do not want a letter from one of those big box online lenders that many don’t trust…you want your letter from a trusted local professional at Bank of England Mortgage.

Let’s get started now. Our streamlined process makes this smooth and fast!

  1. Submit an application. (we can do this on a call, in person, or online) Click Here
  2. Have an initial call with us to review your application and discuss your goals for your purchase.
  3. Submit basic verification documents (paystubs, bank statement, etc)
  4. Review what you qualify for with your loan officer. Discuss options and numbers.
  5. Get your pre-approval letter.
  6. Find and make an offer on a home you love!

Note: If you do not have a realtor, we can help connect you to a local realtor to help you find your home!

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